Jay Reingold

My company, PRESTIGE DESIGN SALES AGENCY INC. has been doing business with Desmond for approximately the past 11 years since 2007. Primarily he has been doing my reupholstering, custom new, and repairs of all of my soft-seating furniture. He is always willing to offer his input, and assistance and knowledge, in any of my projects, whether small or large. I have been approached by other companies to use their upholstering services, but I have continued to stay with Desmond. As I am of the belief that professionalism and workmanship are of prime importance for all of my clients, I know that Desmond possesses these qualities in his work. His concern about detail, following “orders”, meeting deadlines, and making his clients satisfied, have always been Desmond’s main concerns. Whether my “jobs” have been small or large, Desmond has always been ready to do my work. I have, and will continue, to recommend him to anyone requiring any type of furniture upholstering. I find him trustworthy, and that his word can be counted upon. As I hope to be working for “at least the next 10 years”, I know that only Desmond will be doing, for me, “what he does best”!!